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1 look, 2 styles: see tips for casual chic looks

The possibilities when dressing are the most diverse.

Facing the act of putting together your look as a form of experimentation can be quite fun. Today, in our fashion dossier, we are going to put the spotlight on the casual chic female style and show that some pieces can be almost magical inside your closet.

Yes, some clothes have the magic of moving between different styles without losing their grace. The more casual look can be chic and become a real wild card for various occasions. After all, without a lot of bureaucracy, just adding one or two pieces, your look can go from the basics and reach another status.

But what are these almost miraculous pieces? Let’s say that the blazer, ideas gul ahmed jeans and white shirt are part of this hall. In the rush of everyday life, nothing better than having items that facilitate your routine, but without leaving the fashion side.

Blazer looks
Casual chic for womenfrock design

The blazer migrated from the male to the female closet. The person responsible for this introduction, in the 1930s, was the French designer Coco Chanel. Since then, the piece has become synonymous with elegance and is present in the dress code from formal occasions to work.

Therefore, the blazer is a third-piece reference that makes the look more aligned in seconds. But it is not only in the most sober environments that it circulates. Clothing knows how to keep up with jeans , for example, and to sophisticate production with a more casual mood .

Jeans are more than versatile and have many versions.

So blazer can both cast off a look with a more stripped jeans, such as denim, as with what tailoring. Plain blouses or even basic t-shirts are the options that go from work to a date designer dresses pakistani during the day or at night.

Looks with jeans
Casual chic for women
We will continue to praise jeans as one of the most versatile textures in the closet. That’s because, regardless of its version, whether as a shirt, pants, overalls or dress , it stands out as an option for all hours.

To take the jeans out of the obvious and bring them to the casual chic side of the force, bet on pantacourt. His broad leg and shorter than his pantaloon sister makes the look more relaxed and easy going . So it’s time to change the status of your look with the pants.

At the top, the choice is yours and it is very democratic. A light shirt or a light knit can make the double of your production weight. In terms of accessories, it is worth wearing a colored earring and choosing a sneaker or heels to follow your path.

Casual chic for women

The white shirt knows how to play well in various positions and in the casual chic look it marks one more point. It is one of the pieces that instantly takes the look out of the basics and brings fashion and elegance information.

Clothing also migrated from men’s clothing to women’s productions. Once again, Coco Chanel’s touch contributed to this renewal. But the real responsible for popularizing the white shirt in women’s looks was Audrey Hepburn. The actress ran away from the obvious and stylized the piece, showing her most versatile and nothing boring bias.

Going back to the present day, the double shirt + jeans is unbeatable. If in more formal looks, the blazer is your main company, in the most uncomplicated looks, jeans show all their power.

On colder days, jackets can turn the duo into a trio and heat up production without leaving anything to be desired. Colorful shoes and accessories are very welcome and there is no contraindication. The more neutral clothes allow both more discreet and vibrant tones to make their presence felt.

Looks with black clothes

Black is the color that does not usually disappoint us in looks. If you want practicality to create combinations, activate the black mode without fear. So, it’s time to start putting together your new favorite black look.

You may think that an all-black production can really look chic, but will it be missing a boss? We guarantee not and we prove the reason. To add fashion information to a monochromatic look , the biggest tip is to mix textures and add prints even if discreet.

A look with a plush garment , another in tulle and one with a fuller fabric already shows plenty of style. You use three different textures and show that black does not go unnoticed. This mixing trick applies to any one-color look.

Knitted looks

The knitting has secured the top ranking darlings parts of the coldest days. That’s because pieces with texture can walk through various types of looks without much effort.

When it comes to casual chic production, knitting opens up a range of possibilities for you to venture into composing the look. The classic knit blouse is the piece that can accompany you both with a more sober look, and in a more relaxed moment.

When it comes to combining, it is worth plotting a duo beyond stylish with a patterned piece or calling a skirt of another texture for the show. We talk about more classic colors, but nothing prevents more vibrant shades from being part of the look. The earthy tones promise to update the palette and the mood of the production.

We show that composing a casual chic look can be easier than you think. Some pieces are real keys to this mix of styles so rich. So, having in mind what they are, it is simpler to think of those that move very well between two worlds