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For a face with no imperfections, you apply a CC cream (complicated correction) or a foundation.

If you prefer a natural look, decide on a tinted cream instead. The ideal colour is neither lighter nor darker than your skin tone.

Create voluminous lashes with brown or black mascara.
No one wants to look like a doll, but organic cosmetics will make you glow. We assessed with a few of our make-up artists. We provide to you our Bel & Bo step-by-step strategy for producing flawless makeup! So it is an unforgettable day. Not only for our small princes and princesses but also because of their mother. #good idea
We found that the perfect outfit. Accessories will complete the look. We are 100% ready to excel at our son or daughter’s communion (or spring) celebration! Completely?

You have not forgotten anything? Have you considered makeup?

For a natural look, you really go for impartial skin tones which match your eye color. Put on the base color below the eyebrows. Use the next color of eye shadow onto the cell eyelid up to the eyebrow arch. Make sure you mix the colors well.
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3. Eye-catcher
Mask small imperfections or any dark circles with a khaadi summer sale corrector (2 shades) lighter than your skin tone. So let’s begin!
The perfect base is cleansed skin. Opt for a cleansing gel or milk. Moisturize your skin with a cream suitable for your skin type.
Establish your makeup with a transparent powder. Blush or even a bronzed powder will create structure in your face.
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So as to get a larger look, apply the pencil stroke to the exterior of the eye.