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Long black evening dress: the height of chic and elegance

There are times in a woman’s life that demand a certain elegance and class in looks and style of dress.

It can, among other things, be a gala, an award ceremony or a prestigious ball.By betting on one of the most classic and simplest pieces of the feminine wardrobe they would have summer, not only safe from all faux-pas fashions, but also at the top of their elegance and nishat linen chic attitude. This classic and simple piece, in question, is none other than the long black evening dress . Too banal for such prestigious events you might say. To convince you of the contrary, we invite you to read this article which will reveal the full potential of the long black evening dress.

Why we can choose a long black evening dress

Simple Asymmetric Tulle Long Black Evening Dress
A classic among the classics, the long black evening dress has established itself over the centuries as a pledge of elegance and absolute femininity. Like its sister the little black dress which is the symbol of chic and class, the long black dress surfs on a dimension of khaadi sale Hollywood glamor. Whether it’s a sheath, mermaid princess or empire cut, it’s a piece that never disappoints whatever your body type. And the fact that it is black only accentuates the chic side and brings a mysterious note to your look.

Long black evening dress sequined slit v-neck with thin strap

Long Black Sequin V-Neck Evening Dress with Spaghetti Straps
In addition, black being a slimming shade, the long black dress will indeed be able to camouflage with discretion and elegance the small unsightly curves that could possibly complicate you. It is therefore a piece that can be worn both day and evening to be irresistible and arouse the admiration of all. But still it would be necessary to know how to adopt it.

The keys to choosing your perfect black evening dress

Long black evening dress in lace v-neck embellished with rhinestones
Long black evening dress v-neck lace studded with jewels
The duration. When buying your black evening dress, you should consider your height and therefore the length of the dress. If you want the black dress to become a staple in your wardrobe for several years, you will need to choose a model with the appropriate length.
The form. You need to take into account the dress design so that you can choose the dress that best suits you and makes you feel comfortable. For example, avoid dresses made of lycra fabric or very tight fabrics for your basic black dress.
Your trends. Look for a dress that has a certain personality and if possible that personality resembles your own. This means if you like the fringed details that contain it, but still discreetly. In my case, I am a fan of lace and jewelry!

How to wear the long black dress

Evening Dress 2020 Black Long Asymmetric Lace Appliqued White Ruffle Skirt
Asymmetric Black Lace Appliqued White Floral Maxi Evening Dress
As we said above, the long black dress comes in all shapes and shapes, its own, to guarantee maximum elegance and class. If you are short for example, choose models that will make you appear taller such as empire cuts, slit dresses, or flip flops. On the other hand, if you have a slender silhouette, tight-fitting models such as sheaths or mermaids will be ideal to feminize your overall look. And for those who are round, the princess and empire cuts will bring finesse and sophistication to your silhouette.

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