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The introduction of this Showroom, a new experience!

This makes it possible for us to understand the amounts necessary to create and to prevent unnecessary stocks and products that are fresh.

I wished to thank youpersonally, if I’m here now to start my showroom it’s thanks to a unwavering support which you bring me to a daily basis. Whether in real life or via social networks, it is always a joy to have your comments in my skirts.
We mended them painted white to maintain a gorgeous harmony within the room. All that was lacking was that the skirts and bags!
Pre-orders also permit us to examine our products, pret wear colours but also shapes.
Jupons p Louison showroom
And we are on this crazy experience!

So as to update the space, we eliminated the cork that covered one of those walls.

It has been a little more than 8 months because I generated Les Jupons p Louison, now I feel the necessity to really have a place of my own, a place that resembles me, a location where I could exhibit my tastes and have them attempted! That day has arrived, no longer dreaming, it’s indeed a reality!
Neither one or two, here we have of these keys!
I’m proud to announce, not with emotion, the launching of the Showroom, in 27 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth at Paris.ideas gul ahmed

I’m lucky to be in the organization of this Nous & Paname startup, which generates bags which unite look and fashion. They’re trusted men and women who’ve always thought in my job and that share the very same values ​​. Working together, at the very same offices, became evident to us. The atmosphere passed instantly and we remained in contact. Without even consulting each other, we’d considered the prospect of joining forces to discover a place!
Pre-ordering implies you purchase your garment until it is produced.
Pre-order manufactured in France

N electronic then we’re attracted to antiquing furniture and also consider decorating. And of course that the purchase of fairly plants!

This program, however, involves a little waiting on your own side. Our pre-order campaigns operate for a week, we then begin manufacturing, and 3 to 4 months after you get your product, half-made and especially made for youpersonally, in the home.
To create this place bewitching ✨ and within our picture, here we are in the study, but now from the DIY and decoration shops! Our aims were to make a frequent world that represents both brands. To do so, we’ve embarked on the job!
Our set is yours and complies to your needs and your needs, we arrange”test evenings” in our showroom, to confirm the future versions of our ranges from the drawing to the prototypes. Pre-ordering is crucial to verify our suggestion and prevent waste.
Considering that over 80 billion pieces of clothes are khaadi eid collection  manufactured annually and a majority won’t ever be worn out, the waste associated with this overproduction is significant.
In the first trip we managed to project ourselves in this glorious place in the Center of Paris, its amazing surface and its own luminosity capsized us
That is the reason” eat it better” is in the center of our everyday thinking.

I expect to see lots of you within this place that’s really near my heart.

Pre-ordering is vital for all of us!
Jupons p Louison showroom
We, thus, began our study at the start of January 2020 to be able to discover a showroom big enough to accommodate a boutique and our workplaces! It is not simple to discover that rare gem for an inexpensive price! But we were motivated to discover a location that looks like us that we didn’t quit appearing. After going through several ads on Le Bon Coin, PAP and a number of different websites, we finally discovered OUR showroom. ❤️
Considering June 2020, Les Jupons p Louison intends to make for girls a half-measure apparel, Made in France, using classic elegance by calculating the principles of haute couture and relying upon worth of closeness, transparency, and integrity.
See you Wednesday, March 4 to the launch of this Lookbook of this initial chapter of” Happy Days” We have things to enhance and polish however, we are prepared to welcome you !