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How to combine lilac: see our tips

When we talk about coloring the look, the range of possibilities is more than wide.

After all, in a look they can appear in plain clothes, prints, accessories, shoes. We love to talk about it, so the theme of our colorful chat will answer a question: what color does lilac match?

Before we start to answer, let’s talk a little more about lilac. Because like other tones, color has its own meaning and it is very special. It represents intuition, spirituality and tranquility.

In the productions, the lilac color adds freshness and lightness to your moments with good doses of style. For these and for many that his tones, lighter or darker, steal the show in the looks of the season and stamp his passport of versatility.

But we know well that when it comes to combining the tonality with others, doubts may not always arise. Therefore, our mission is to show that the shades of purple travel very well accompanied by shades of blue, green, white or in a ton sur ton beyond stripped.Lilac matches what color

Lilac and blue form a successful combination and we can prove it.

The freshness of purple tones when you find the bluish versions creates points of color beyond elegant and full of options.

If lilac is the color chosen to dominate the look, blue can go into the field in a rang rasiya shirt or pants, for example. As well as they can create a visual contrast between dark and light tones. This option is great for balancing the nuances and being a facilitator when putting together the look.khaadi online

White as well as classic is that companion color of all hours.

Because in addition to illuminating the look, it goes well with all other tones and always shows itself as an alternative for the days of running.

Well, to coordinate lilac and white or offwhite, one idea is to create colored blocks. If your intention is to leave the purple on top, a purple blouse can be the piece that will receive the spotlight in the look. The white touch is due to the pants or skirt that you wear. Smooth parts make this task even easier.

To play with the production, mixing textures and colors form a pair of weight. The more casual look can take on an elegant look with a transparent white shirt. The light fabric draws khaadi online                colorful jeans for the scene and together they balance the proportions like no one else.

Lilac and white are uncomplicated shades by nature, so do not hesitate when betting on these colors both in more formal looks, as for work or for easier going moments .

Lilac matches what color

At first glance, thinking of shades of lilac and green may seem too bold or difficult to combine. But in fact it just seems. Color variations are the best allies when it comes to removing the nuances and the look of the obvious.

Understanding your preferences when composing production helps too much and facilitates the process. If lilac is your favorite color, explore color in two pieces of clothing and accessories. Whether they are the same shade or not. The hint of contrast between the clothes is still valid.

But remember that one of the maxims of fashion is to experiment, so it is also worth bringing stronger tones of both colors. Purple flirts very well with military green and shows that opposites attract and give a successful match .

Lilac matches what color

We saw that the lilac forms pairs with style to spare when added to the blue, white and green. But what about your own tones, how to create a harmonic look with them? Embark on this journey in shades of violet and we will answer the question on the way.

First of all, it is worth explaining what ton sur ton is . This French expression means tone on tone in its translation literally. Visually this is exactly what will be done.

You choose lilac as the main tone and add derivative colored pieces, such as purple, violet, a very light, grayish lilac, even a wine can give the air its grace.

In this game of shades, it is worth organizing the pieces in the way that best matches your personality. A path can be a more vibrant color in the blouse, blazer and a dark one in the pants or skirt.

Tip: put the pieces on the bed and see which one looks better with which can be a starting point. Another point that is worthwhile is superimposing clothes , organizing colors in layers creates an even richer chromatic effect.

We already have enough evidence that lilac also has versatility in its favor.

So, whatever the occasion, it can be your bet more than certain. When it comes to the work look, the choice of tones goes very much according to the environment and the dress code of the place.

If a good dose of color is part of your routine, shades of lilac can inject a more than special color. Forming a balanced equation between nuances is a way to have fun with dressing.

Purple takes the more formal pieces, like the blazer and straight pants, from the obvious without much effort. Therefore, the balance of the look can come when choosing the shirt . The white classic is more than qualified to occupy this position.

The color combination can also accompany you at work. The tranquility of a light shade of blue can create an elegant counterpoint with a violet blouse, for example. Once again, the contrast game asks for passage and affirms that it also has everything on the look for work.