rang rasiya



Are you really the design to give rather than to receive?

Can you spend hours working in character? Are you described as a calm and caring person? Do you agree with yourself?
His style? A long skirt that succeeds with the wind, a crochet crop top, sandals or even wrapped.
As well as her artistic ability, her dress style is her favourite medium. In any case, she can’t stand the uniform which takes away her individuality. She is able to adopt a bohemian rock, folk or other trendy bohemian style appearance, based on her character… as long as she doesn’t seem like anyone!
Her favorite outfit: the little blossom dress, the round rang rasiya glasses, the XXL handmade earrings, a scarf or a headband from the hair.
Against the grain of consumer society, the bohemian lifestyle is a means of living from day to day, while breaking free from societal conventions. It is a way of life inspired by Gypsies, Gypsies and musiciansrang rasiya lawn

which urges freedom, creativity and a return to principles.

Independent and daring, she frequently thrives in entrepreneurship or artistic professions. Not tolerating boredom, she shuns routine and escapes as soon as she is thanks to her actions, evenings with friends and traveling. A bit green, she can tell you for hours about the carbon footprint along with her dislike for bulk industry. What’s more, it isn’t unusual for her to choose a vegan or eco-responsible way of life.
According to this dictionary, a gypsy is a inhabitant of Bohemia, a region of the Czech Republic. By extension, this term designates a individual living in a community in trailers. At the exact same time, the term bohemian takes on a more philosophical significance: it is about a dreamer who contributes an atypical existence, in search of the ideal of existence.
Based on her personality, the creative bohemian frequently sports a western or rock signature with cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, a puffy shirt or perhaps leather ankle eid dresses boots, a trilby, plus a vintage t-shirt.


She enjoys loose, floral clothing, flared shapes, khaadi sale cashmere and vibrant colours.
On the design side, the classic bohemian accumulates clothes in soft colors and flowing materials inside her wardrobe. She enjoys stuff in which she feels great, like lace, silk, velvet or silk.


Animated from the discovery of the concealed treasures of this world, this bohemian enjoys to travel to the 4 corners of the world in her Volkswagen combi. She recharges herself thanks to the energy of these magical places she has the chance to discover.
She prefers to consume organic and she frequently develops her own vegetable garden. She dreams of living in a neighborhood that shares her values, by raising chickens and goats. His only regret: not having known Woodstock!
On the design side, it favors comfort and natural, soft and breathable materials like linen, cotton or hemp, which don’t hinder its own movements. Her outfit is adorned with prints and ethnic jewelry.


If the classic gypsy leads a seemingly ordinary enough life, her head is no less free. She hates limitations and can’t stand being told what to do. Additionally, a gypsy won’t sana safinaz sale accept being levied strict schedules and rules. That is the reason she can have difficulty adjusting in society and at times feels like a caged bird.


His appearance? Natural and comfy using a bohemian shirt, a lace blouse, a vaporous white gown or an asymmetrical skirt that is both discreet and from the ordinary. Exit the match and the stiletto heels!
The Zen bohemian loves to associate with the world. Not with a smartphone or a tablet but instead by his emotions, his head and his sensoriality.
She embodies the Sign of Peace and love and Flower Power. A fervent defender of individual rights, she’s often politically engaged, at least in her speech. She is a rebellious woman, revolted by injustice and the consumer society.


In reaction to the oppression of the existing society, the bohemian lifestyle is exploding and many women find themselves at the values ​​it expresses. These girls are gypsies. We’re therefore quite far in the fortune teller.
As you’ll have known, the bohemian style is not only about a sartorial fashion, it is above all a state of mind and also a vision of this planet which aspire to independence, harmony, well-being and love. We don’t learn how to live a bohemian life, we live it.
Would you want to evolve in your paths? Can you hate shopping or listening to commercial audio on the radio? You may be a gypsy simply waiting to be released.


The zen bohemian loves calm and thickness. Far from superficiality, she has a rather green way of life, with respect for the environment. Comfortable inside her own skin, she completely supposes her body with pride. Additionally, she frequently works in a profession of private aid or in relation to the body envelope.
She’s a passionate lady who lives on another planet and sometimes feels out of touch with the world . Spontaneous and sensitive, she can easily flare up khaadi pret sale and also become borderline within her behaviour.

The creative bohemian must constantly stimulate her creativity and her mind because that is how she feels great.

In general, she’s an adventurer with a open mind, who permeates all the civilizations of this planet; a somewhat dreamy epicurean who enjoys 100 percent of the present moment without worrying about what tomorrow will bring. A child’s smile, a sunset, or a deserted beach brightens his day up ☀.
Utopian and devoted to the others, the hippie bohemian aspires to change the world. Additionally, she often works in a profession which allows her to change mentalities.
His design? She prefers organic rang rasiya colours like beige, ecru, navy blue, khaki and flowery prints. On her feet, sneakers or sandals only when she has to wear sneakers.
Spiritual and glowing, this bohemian often practices yoga, relaxation or meditation ‍♀. It evacuates anxiety and unwanted tensions to focus on the positive by soaking up the power of revitalizing places.

A small crazy, she flees the crowds and the hustle and bustle to take refuge in nature where she likes to meet so much.

Curious and inventive, she yells through literature, art, music and all forms of expression which exist… without which her entire life would not have any meaning.
Do you dream of living in isolation with your friends? Would you like independent festivals, great vibes and would like to change the world? Fully embrace your hippie side!
Creative bohemian photo by Brett Sayles
For certain, you will never see her wearing skinny jeans along with a tight skirt. The zen bohemian appreciates oversized and casual outfits, comfy to wear

Are you currently a small wild? Can you really feel in communion with character? Do you like to move and love the feeling of freedom you experience when you travel?

Maybe you are a gipsy bohemian deep inside?
Do you have an unorthodox life? Would you like debating a subject of doctrine, painting an abstract picture or a landscape, playing folk guitarsinging and expressing your emotions through artwork at any time of the day? You’re probably part of this tribe of innovative gypsies.
A gypsy is a somewhat rebellious girl leading a life outside the principles of society. In Miss Bohème, we’ve identified several boho styles: Classic, hippie, gipsy, zen or inventive…. Each has its own character and characteristics. Maybe you will recognize yourself in the next lines?