Backless evening dress gets more daring to wake up the fatal woman

After the ultra plunging neckline and the slit dress to the top of the thigh, it’s the turn of the bare back to enter the light.

Available in multiple forms such as XXL cutouts, games of symmetry, asymmetry and frenzied draping, women’s backs have never been so fashionable and in the spotlight. If the stars are now betting on this fashion detail to ignite the red carpets of ceremonies, it must be recognized that the open back is also now part of the essentials of the wardrobe of khaadi sale ordinary people. However, it is still worn in a very classic way, at the limit too sober. Which tends to make it boring at times. It is therefore with this in mind that Robedesoireelongue through this article invites you to adopt evening dresses with open back a little more daring in order to awaken the femme fatale that lies dormant in you.

Special features of the backless evening dress

black evening dress long backless high neck with long sleeve
Sexy long black backless evening dress with long sleeve
Made popular by the actress Mireille Darc who wore it in a bewitching way in the film The tall blond with a black shoe, the backless evening dress has since become an iconic piece that has the particularity of making women sexy in a way subtle, graceful and elegant.

evening dress 2020 long open back

2020 evening dress with bare back
In the meantime, the open back has evolved, modernized and now comes in the most daring forms. Unlike the plunging neckline which shares a fairly fine border with vulgarity, the open back is the perfect alternative to remain suggestive without falling into obscenity. Depending on the shape and style, it reveals the neck, shoulder blades and the lower back. If this fashion detail lawn frock designcan fit into any cut of an evening dress , it suits all body types as well. However, you have to come to terms with it to wear it well. So if you are shy or too modest, skip your turn.

The art of wearing the backless dress in a daring way

Simple pale pink halter neck draped halter neck long evening dress
Pale Pink Long Halter Neck Open Back Evening Dress
As sexy and feminine as it is, the backless dress is one of the most difficult pieces to wear. The main difficulty being to wear it without falling into vulgarity, it is also necessary to make sure to display an original look. Indeed, when it comes to wearing a backless dress, one of the main rules is to stay sober on the other stylistic details of your dress. It is therefore not worth betting on a backless evening dress that also has a plunging neckline or an endless slit. There is also the thorny problem of the choice of bra. Since it is out of the question to show the strap of your bra, the ideal would be to bet for example on an adhesive bra.

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