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Helping you to Boost Business Productivity via Hosted Emails


Tri Telecoms provides email hosting for UK customers with our Microsoft Exchange package. Our fully supported email answers could be tailored to suit your needs, depending on how many mailboxes and how much storage you require.
Have you ever received an email from a company that utilizes a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email address? It is not professional, can it be? It gives the impression that the company is small or does not care about developing a fantastic picture.
Our hosted email bundles allow you to create your own small business emails, together with personalised email addresses for every member of staff. E.g. This is very good for businesses looking to expand, create a more professional image and provide the right impression when dealing with clients through email.
Why would you want Email Hosting?

email hosting
cheap email hosting is a service that runs email servers, essentially. If you have a domain name and you want an email service to go with it (using the same domain as part of this email address), you’ll need to consider a hosted email package.
Our hosted email options will handle your email methods for you, delivering messages to your many devices, including your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.
With email hosting, you’re free to concentrate on your business while we take care of your mails. We eliminate the need for You to Have an in-house email and also the cost of IT people to handle it
It is always worth the time and money investing in an best email hosting for small business uk firm to look after things for you.
Perhaps you have got an email from a business with a generic email and wondered whether it’s from a trustworthy source? Having hosted emails signifies you’ll receive your own personalised and branded email address, which helps to make a more professional look for your business. Our email hosting packages are fantastic for any type of business; no matter how large or small they could be.
Reliable Hosted Emails
When it comes to hosted emails, we now use a number of the most reliable servers available in the UK. This means our customers are provided with a few of the most reliable email hosting services. No matter how many email addresses you need hosting, one of our specialist team will help to discover the best-hosted email solution to your demands.
Why select ITS Telco to your Hosted Emails?
There are many reasons for you to think about email hosting your emails with Tri Telecoms. We have listed a few of the Major points below:
24/7 Service
Anti Virus Protection
SPAM filtering
Easy-to-Use System
Calendar Systems and Scheduling
How Can We Assist?
With Tri Telecoms, you can manage your emails easily and efficiently utilizing MS Exchange. If you would like to find out more about email hosting or have your mails hosted with Tri Telecoms, be certain to get in touch and speak to a part of our knowledgeable team. We will gladly help you.