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Friends reunite with the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Callback Campaign

Well, an ultra-rare armor collection. But companies are pretty cool too, and today’s a perfect time to reconnect with a few of those old pals… and find some rewards in the procedure.
The Last FANTASY XIV Online Callback Campaign is currently up and operating. If you have an old chum who is currently taking a break in the sport, you can invite them to return so you can play together.
What is more, should you meet the fundamental campaign prerequisites, you’ll both get exceptional rewards — valuable things for you and absolutely free playtime for your buddy! Additionally, hopefully, some memories.
…you mainly care about the items, do not you?
It’s quite simple to participate in the campaign — you do not even have to leave the game.
Simply click the title of an offline buddy from your in-game friends list, or free companion member list, and select’Invite Friend to Return’ from the menu.
Now you may be thinking: Who to invite? There are a couple of conditions to take into account.
Primarily, the friend you send an invitation to must have a registered account that’s been inactive for at least 90 days (like the free play period). Anyone who’s played the sport within the previous 90 days won’t get an email to join even if you invite them. So don’t bother.

FFXIV data centre

And obviously, they will need to get a replica of ffxiv data centres Online to perform . That probably goes without saying, however, we mentioned it anyway.
Each character on your accounts can invite as many as five buddies back to the match. To see the further details about the Callback Campaign, you need to head over to the ffxiv data center split Lodestone website:

What do you get out of the ffxiv world status Callback Campaign?
If among your buddies rejoins the game — and they meet the standards above — then both of you’ll be qualified for some magnificent in-game rewards.
You’ll receive 5 Gold Chocobo feathers through the Moogle delivery service. These can be exchanged for particular items from the Calamity Salvager at Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, or Ul’dah.

The people you invite get some pretty cool rewards of their own. Each will get 7 days of Free Play, starting the moment they log back in. That means they could start questing, battling, adventuring, or simply hanging out with you at zero price tag.
They’ll also get 10 Silver Chocobo ribbons, which may be exchanged using the Calamity Salvager for some awesome gear. For instance, they can trade Silver Feathers for flat 70 Scaevan Magitek firearms — ideal for anyone going to start the epic Shadowbringers narrative.
Hopefully you will notice some familiar faces come back in the next few weeks to join on your experiences. Or, if you have not played for a little while, it is the ideal opportunity to jump back in and experience some of the new content from the sport.