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How to wear parka: see looks ideas

Some pieces really arrive to stay for many seasons in the looks of the day.

The parka, without a doubt, is one of them. On milder days, it gains key-piece status to warm up the look and lavish style. But how did it all start? Where did this utility and casual perfume item come from?

Well, today we will not only tell you a little about the story of the piece, but also give you tips on how to use the parka. Spoiler: our inspirations go beyond the most comfy looks. We also have ideas for ways to adhere to the piece in work productions.

Images: Reproduction
The name parka comes from the language of the Nenets, a people who live on very cold and remote islands in Russia. The term means animal skin and this has a lot to do with the structure of the clothing, which is usually very warm. But it is long gone that she is synonymous with a look for the extreme cold.

The term only appeared in English from 1625, until then the name had never been heard. In fashion, the parka with the most similar modeling to which we know it appeared in the 1920s.

Initially, she was part of military uniforms during the winter. One of its strongest characteristics and which remains today is the fact that the most common color of clothing is military greennishat linen online

In the 1960s, mods, a London cultural group, adopted parka as one of their fashion brands.

Thus, the piece entered the most stripped-down productions of the time. British musicians used it in their shows and contributed a lot to the popularization of parka, which today transits very well between mid-season looks, such as spring and autumn, for example.

Speaking of now, the parka is one of the pieces of the female wardrobe that gives a different look to the look. Because it has pockets, it has become one of the most useful items in the closet. What does that mean? That facilitates our life, uniting the useful with the pleasant to the eyes.

With the waist adjusted or not, the clothing is a third piece that does not go unnoticed. After all, each season it gets more modern shapes and breathtaking details.

Comfortable look with parka

In terms of fashion, combining comfort and elegance is really bringing together the best of all worlds. Whether for a date during the day or a more relaxed moment in the evening, it is worth putting the parka to play.

We said above that it is a third piece of respect. But have you thought about whether she reigns absolute at the top of production? Just use it closed, with the belt fastening. Thus, the parka steals the show and gains blouse status.

To compose your comfy chic look , the parka can accompany both a more stripped pants, skirt or shorts. You can use it both on the outside and inside the pieces, to give that elegant blouse face. If you want to leave the common place of clothing, bet on a parka with a lighter knit and sporty mood.

Parka signs its treatise on versatility and allows you to abuse the complements. So don’t skimp on accessories and choose the shoes you prefer, from sneakers to heels. Follow your fashion path without fear of mixing nishat linen online styles.

Parka with shorts
Parka how to use
Images: Maria Filó and Reproduction
Days of pants, days of shorts. The parka, a joker that only, can also form a pair of weight with the jeans shorts to the tailoring . She can migrate from looks with the most diverse types of pants to a milder day, in which the legs deserve to feel a breeze.

To highlight the silhouette with a more stripped-down look, short clochard may be chosen to go well with the parka. After all, playing with shapes and proportions is always a great style proposal.

This duo can travel for several moments. For example: changing a complement or another, the look that seemed more basic gains a glam look for a less casual occasion. It is at this time that accessories and shoes can do the job of raising the status of production.

Look for work with parka

Images: Olivia Palermo / Reproduction and Maria Filó
The looks of work , especially those for more formal settings, often abuse the classical pieces. But a more aligned and sober workwear can also receive a good deal of style.

The production of business hours can receive a more contemporary and stripped-down signature. The blazer of all meetings can share its role with a good parka. Why not?

In the work look, the parka can complement a good shirt or even be used only at the top of the look. In addition to updating the modeling, it is also worth investing in a cooler color palette, within the possibilities, of course. Sandy and earthy tones go very well with black and white.

The parka has already shown that, from the Russian Eskimos to the present day, it has undergone major transformations. It has affirmed itself as a timeless outfit that deserves its due space from casual chic looks to the most elaborate and formal. So, invest in a good parka to sapphire online accompany you for many seasons.

Identify your style, your preferences and think about the various looks and occasions when you can wear a parka. Again, the exercise of getting to know your closet and trying out new combinations is more than recommended. Now that you have good tips on how to use the piece, it’s time to go to practice!