What is the difference between VPS and Cloud?


Before understanding the difference between VPS and Cloud and knowing the indication of the ideal use for each of these solutions, we need to understand the concept of Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud Computing?
Hosting your applications on a Cloud Hosting means that, instead of having a physical machine, you are using space in the cloud . The cloud structure is made up of several physical machines that share resources. Which means high availability and high server performance.

The possibility of scaling resources in Cloud Hosting is another advantage . This is because, if your application needs more resources, it is easy and quick to scale the machine to meet the demands of your applications. This flexibility occurs because the cloud has no resource limitations like a physical machine.


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Who is a Cloud server for?
Cloud Hosting is a great option for large websites, online stores, web applications, CRMs, emails, systems and any application that needs the flexibility that cloud hosting offers.

Main benefits of Cloud Hosting

Dedicated high performance environment ensuring availability for your applications;
Scale resources quickly as your applications demand;
It allows you to track resource consumption and the performance of your applications for maximum speed and optimization.
VPS vs Cloud: what is the best option?
As with many business decisions, the answer to that question is that it depends on the needs of your company and your website or application .

The main advantages of a VPS UK server are the price , which is lower than that of a dedicated server, the possibility to customize and manage the server the way you want and the increase in resources when compared to shared hosting.

The counterpoint is that managing a VPS UK server requires technical knowledge to maintain the security and performance of applications running smoothly.

For sites that use a lot of resources or that have access volumes, such as e-commerce, news portals or systems, Cloud is the best option, as it offers flexibility. Although the price of the Cloud Server is higher, and varies according to the configuration of the machine, this structure is suitable for applications that require a lot of resources and cannot be offline.

Therefore, when choosing the best option for your business, evaluate some points to make the most appropriate decision for your need:

What features do my applications need to run at high performance?
Does my team have technical knowledge to manage, update and maintain a server online?
What amount do I intend to invest in a server?
If my site needs to scale resources, is it possible to do this without leaving my site down?
Have the difference between a VPS and Cloud become clearer? Now you can hire the perfect solution for your company with the guarantee of high performance.

How to choose VPS hosting
Now you need to choose VPS UK hosting to host your projects. But how to choose VPS hosting?

When choosing some points, they must be taken into account. The main ones are: technical knowledge, need for your project, security, location of servers and price .

What is your level of technical knowledge?
One of the great advantages of a VPS server is the autonomy it provides for companies to control all aspects of the server. But that means that you or your technical team need technical knowledge to manage the server .

This in practice means that your company is responsible for keeping the maintenance, updates, monitoring and installation of applications on the VPS server up to date.

What are the needs of your project?
A VPS server is a great option for companies that need to increase the performance of their applications , especially in cases where shared hosting no longer meets demand.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind the demand that your website or application will need, so that the server sizing is done correctly and meets the needs of your project.

In practice, this information will serve as a basis for defining the amount of RAM, storage space and processor that you should hire. Not to mention, of course, that it will directly influence the values ​​you will invest for the server.

Internet security is an essential item and your company should not give up. When choosing VPS UK hosting, make sure that the company you choose has strict security policies to prevent attacks and access by unauthorized people.

Location of servers
The location of servers directly influences the performance of your applications . Opting for VPS hosting with servers in Brazil can be a great solution to avoid problems such as server latency.

In practice what does latency influence your business? Studies conducted by Amazon pointed out that for every 100 milliseconds of waiting for the site to load, there was a 1% decline in sales.

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Finally, the price of VPS UK hosting must be taken into account . We are talking so much about the amount paid for the resources that your application needs, as well as the forms of collection, which in some cases may vary depending on the use of your application and bring thankless surprises at the end of the month with additional costs.

Not to mention that choosing a VPS hosting that charges in dollars may not be the best choice financially speaking.